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TaskMap Self-Paced Tutorials

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Add Tasks to Page

  • Drag and Drop Tasks onto a Page
  • Use Quick Connect to Shoot Shapes onto a Page
  • Add Blank Tasks (Multiple) to a Page
  • Add Tasks to a Page from a TaskMap Capture Workbook

TaskMap Capture for Excel

  • What is TaskMap Capture for Excel
  • Create a Blank TaskMap Capture Workbook
  • Create TaskMap Capture Workbook from a TaskMap
  • Link a TaskMap to a TaskMap Capture Workbook
  • Update TaskMap Capture Data

Customize Role Names

  • Add/Edit/Delete Roles
  • Import Role Names
  • Export Role Names
  • Updating Roles in aTaskMap Capture for Excel Workbook

Renumber Tasks

  • How TaskMap Determines Task IDs
  • How to Renumber Tasks
  • How to Renumber Tasks in a New Numeric Order

Check My TaskMap

  • Verify task Link Connections
  • identify Duplicate Task IDs
  • Verify Connector Hyperlinks

TaskMap Options

  • Customize Time Defaults and Display
  • Customize Time Frequencies
  • Customize Data Graphics Icons
  • Advanced Options

Turn Task Details On/Off

Task Link Display Options

  • Change Task Link Display Options for All Task Links on a Page
  • Change Task Link Display Options for All Tasks Links in a TaskMap
  • Change Task Link Display Options for Selected Task Links

Save as PowerPoint

Save as Process Folder

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Add Tasks To a Page Customize Role Names TaskMap Capture for Excel Renumber Tasks Check My TaskMap Task Link Display Options Turning Task Details On or Off Task Display Options Save as a Process Folder Save as PowerPoint TaskMap Capture for Excel TaskMap Options