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Thank you for your interest in TaskMap Lite. Unfortunately, in an effort to consolidate development resources for the continual improvement of our other software Products, TaskMap Lite is no longer available for download.

This area of our site has been left up in order to serve as a reference for Customers still using TaskMap Lite.

TaskMap Lite Support


TaskMap Lite Support News

If you use Visio 2007 and run a non-English version of Windows, please download and install the latest version of TaskMap Lite to correct a problem described in this FAQ.

TaskMap Lite Download

Download the latest  version of TaskMap Lite -- version 3.2.5 has been discontinued. If your are interested in trying TaskMap, download a free evalutation version from the downloads page. If you have installed a previous version of TaskMap Lite, please uninstall it before installing the latest version.

TaskMap Lite Self-Paced Training

  1. Adding Tasks to a Page
    Learn how to use TaskMap® Lite to automatically lay out your Task shapes, as well as the easy drag and drop method of manually laying out Tasks.

  2. Filling in Task and Task Link Information
    Learn how to use the TaskMap methodology to populate process data

  3. Customize Role Names
    Learn how to customize your role list by adding, editing and deleting roles. Learn how TaskMap will apply the changes to your process map.

  4. Hyperlinks
    Learn to create hyperlinks from Tasks and Supporting Roles to email addresses and other pages in a TaskMap. You will also learn how to create page-to-page links using Connectors.

  5. Renumbering Tasks
    Learn how to change your Task letter(s) and how to renumber the Tasks on a page.

  6. Web Publishing
    Learn how to publish your TaskMaps as web pages so you can use and distribute your processes through any web browser. You will also learn how to use the special features available with a web-published TaskMap.

  7. Creating Role Reports
    Learn how to use TaskMap Lite’s reporting feature to create a role report for your process maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need in order to run TaskMap Lite?

TaskMap Lite requires the Standard or Professional edition of either Visio 2003 and Visio 2007. If you need a copy of Visio, you can download a free 60-trial of Visio 2007.

I added a Responsible Role and/or a Supporting Role to a Task but the roles did not appear on the Task shape. Why not?

If you are running Visio 2007 and a non-English version of Windows, you might experience this problem. The problem is corrected in TaskMap Lite version 3.2.3 and later. Refer to the download section above to obtain the latest version of TaskMap Lite.

I currently have TaskMap Standard (or TaskMap Professional) installed on my computer. Can I also install TaskMap Lite?

No. You may only have one edition of TaskMap installed on any PC.

I had an evaluation copy of TaskMap Standard (or TaskMap Pro)  installed on my PC but it expired. Can I install TaskMap Lite?

Yes. You should uninstall the evaluation version first, but you can then install TaskMap Lite.

Do I need administrator rights to install TaskMap Lite?


Why can't I open a TaskMap someone else created/edited?

TaskMap Lite uses a unique file format and cannot open TaskMaps that were created or edited using TaskMap Standard or TaskMap Professional. However, maps that are created with TaskMap Lite can be converted into the format supported by both TaskMap Standard and TaskMap Professional using a utility available from Harvard Computing Group. Please note that the conversion is FORWARD only -- once a map has been converted, it cannot be opened again in TaskMap Lite.

If you routinely need to work with maps created or edited by users of other editions of TaskMap, you might considering purchasing either TaskMap Standard or TaskMap Professional.

Can I hyperlink from my TaskMap to documents, web pages and other online resources?

TaskMap Lite allows you to create two kinds of links: 1) Links from one page to another within a TaskMap and 2) Links to email addresses. If you would like to create hyperlinks to documents, spreadsheets, PDF documents, web pages, executable programs and other electronic objects, please consider purchasing either TaskMap Standard or TaskMap Professional, both of which support links to any file or electronic object.

How do I share my TaskMap with someone else?

There are several ways to share your TaskMaps:

  • A TaskMap is a standard format Visio file, so anyone using Visio 2003 or 2007 can open and use your TaskMap. However, they will not be able to make changes to TaskMap shapes.
  • Anyone using any edition of TaskMap -- Lite, Standard or Professional -- can open your map, however, if a Standard or Professional user edits the map, you will not be able to open it again (refer to FAQ about forward compatibility only).
  • You can save any page of a TaskMap in a variety of common image formats, e.g., GIF, JPG or PNG, for use by other applications.
  • You can save a TaskMap as a web site and publish it on an intranet or the Internet. Refer to the TaskMap Lite Tutorials page for a training video on web publishing.

What if I want to talk to a person about a question I have with TaskMap Lite?

Because TaskMap Lite is offered at such a low price -- free! -- the product does not include telephone support. However, if your organization would like the benefits of full support, Harvard Computing Group does offer a TaskMap Lite maintenance plan for only $99 per year. The TaskMap Lite support contract includes telephone, email and online support; free major software upgrades; additional free training and more. 

What is the cost of TaskMap Lite?

To encourage interest in process mapping, Harvard Computing Group is offering TaskMap Lite at no cost for a limited time.

How does TaskMap Lite compare to TaskMap Standard and TaskMap Professional?

TaskMap Lite offers a subset of the capabilities of TaskMap Standard yet it introduces several features not yet seen in other editions of TaskMap including:

  • Single-click selection of the Task shape
  • Smart Tags for instant access to Task editing and hyperlinking functions

Visit our upgrade page and our comparison chart to compare features among the editions of TaskMap.

Is it easy to upgrade to TaskMap Standard or TaskMap Professional?

Yes! TaskMap Standard and TaskMap Professional are both available for purchase. In addition, if you have purchased a TaskMap Lite maintenance plan, you will receive a 100% credit for the purchase of a maintenance plan for Standard or Professional.


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