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System requirements:
32-bit version of Visio 2016, 2013 or 2010, Professional or Premium editions


TaskMap is an environmentally friendly product

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"What I have found with TaskMap is that, as a user of Visio, there was virtually no learning curve in using TaskMap. It integrates seamlessly to Visio and functions like their other stencils. The beauty of the product is it is far easier to assign responsibilities and have those roles integrated with the assigned tasks. It is easy to understand task details as they are visible on each task shape. I can't comment on the help files as I have not had to use them."

Jim Sinclair
Operations Manager
Pano Cap Canada Ltd.


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TaskMap® Standard

The simplest way to communicate, manage and publish business processes and procedures.

Simple to Use, Simpler to Understand: (View a Demo)

Creating a TaskMap requires only six shapes, which means that process maps are simpler to build (anyone can do it). The audience doesn't need an extensive knowledge of Processes in order to derive a complete understanding of the process.

Web Publishing: (View a Demo)

Distribute process maps so anyone in your organization can explore them without any specialized software. The default setting for web published maps is VML allowing your audience to zoom in and out without affecting quality. The side panel on published maps features a 'jump to page' dropdown list, pan and zoom, and search functions. View a web published process map (Side panels functions require Internet Explorer)

Produce Process Maps Quickly:

  • The ‘Add Tasks to Page’ wizard lets you define the number of Tasks to be added and how you would like them to be arranged, then TaskMap does the rest.
  • When you drop a Task onto a Task Link, TaskMap splits the link in two and inserts the Task automatically (new in TaskMap 4).
  • Smart Tags on Task shapes provide instant access to Task properties and hyperlinks (new in TaskMap 4).

Hyperlink to Underlying Data:

We have built a powerful hyperlinking functionality into our process mapping software. You can quickly hyperlink to the underlying data used for Tasks and use the predefined functionality to define exactly how you want the link to work.

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New Features to Version 4.5

  • Automatic Layout of Task Shapes

  • Smart Tags on Tasks

  • Single-click Task Selection

  • Automated Task Link Splitting

  • AutoLink

  • Spell Check

  • Find/Replace

  • Task Description Viewable from Hyperlinks Dialog

  • More Connector Hyperlink Types

  • Support for Visio 2013

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Support for Visio 2013

TaskMap 4 supports Visio 2013. A completely fresh design and new ribbon icons have been developed to make TaskMap even more intuitive for new users and non-experts.

Find/Replace for all Text

TaskMap now provides find/replacefor all text in a TaskMap, even the Guidelines, Resources and other parts of the Task shape

Additional Hyperlink Types for Connector

You can add document and web page hyperlinks to a Connector in addition to creating links to other TaskMap pages.

Page/Task Hyperlinks show Task Description

The hyperlink dialog now shows both the Task ID and Task Description for potential hyperlink targets making it easier to select the correct target Task.

Spell Check for all Text

TaskMap now provides spell checking for all text in a TaskMap, even the Guidelines, Resources and other parts of the Task shape


Produce TaskMaps more quickly by “shooting” Task Links from any Task to an adjacent Task – no need to drag Task Links from the stencil onto the page.

Splittable Task Links

When you drop a Task onto a Task Link arrow, the Task Link splits into two and both arrows reconnect to the new Task

Single-click Selection of Task Shape

The Task shape now requires just a single left or right click for access to its data properties and the hyperlink dialog.

Smart Tags on Tasks

Task shapes now feature Smart Tags that provide one-click access to key Task data and functions.

Automatic Layout of New TaskMap Pages

The new autolayout wizard makes short work of creating a new TaskMap page: just tell it how many Tasks you'd like on the page, how many Tasks to place in each row and whether you'd like it to draw Task Links between each pair of Tasks. The wizard will create your map in seconds.