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Simplified Process Mapping RoadMap

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This RoadMap has been developed as a result of many years of learning from numerous clients, projects, consultants and business partners. There is always a better way of doing something, but for some reason, many are reluctant to share it with others. This is particularly true when it comes to processes.

The entire issue of processes is complex enough as it is, so here we are releasing the “short cuts” and “best ways” as we know them.

We hope that you learn something new from each of these processes and supporting procedures. If you have any comments or suggestions, please make them directly, and we will consider them for our next release of these practices.

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The Simplified Process Mapping Method is organized into seven processes:

          1. Define Business Requirements
          2. Documenting Processes (1 of 2)
          3. Documenting Processes (2 of 2)
          4. Managing Processes
          5. Analyze Processes
          6. Improve Processes (1 of 2)
          7. Improve Processes (2 of 2)

Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format

Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format