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Simplified Process Mapping RoadMap

Document Processes (page 2 of 2)

Once the materials are distributed, questionnaires are needed for process discovery.

  • The Project Manager develops the detailed questionnaires using the selected media and methods. The Business Analyst and Subject Matter Experts consult with the Project Manager to develop the questionnaires using the survey materials.
  • The next Task involved in documenting processes is the need to set standards for process map output. This involves the Project Manager creating a sample process map.
  • For readability purposes you should keep the process flow simple: it should read left to right, top to bottom. Each page of the process map should include a legend for the viewer's reference.
  • Keep the number of symbols minimal which will make it easier for the audience to read. The first page of the process map should be the process dashboard that hyperlinks to lower level data, this creates a work breakdown structure for your process. Using view control you can customize the amount of data displayed on your process map based on the needs of your audience.
  • Creation of the sample process map may require the assistance of Subject Matter Experts and the Business Analyst.

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Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format

Download the Simplified Process Mapping Best Practices in Visio format