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Overview of TaskMap Professional

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Harvard Computing offers a variety of training options for you and your organization. This course is designed for those that have taken the Introduction to TaskMap (TMT100) course and are evaluating or using TaskMap Professional. This course runs on Friday every week, it is easy to schedule your time, just call or email your request any time up to 2 hours before the course starts.  TaskMap® training course consists of a live web presentation run by a TaskMap® expert from Harvard Computing. All you need is a high speed internet connection and a telephone to dial into the course number provided.  It can be scheduled onsite by contacting our training department.

Duration: 1 hour

What You Will Learn

TaskMap Professional features allow you to analyze and improve processes with ease. This course provides users with guidance on how to use the powerful features in TaskMap Pro, including data visualization, importing and capturing data from TaskMap Capture for Excel, QA feature “Check my Map”, customizing data fields, New reports, Publishing to PowerPoint and MS Project.

NOTE: All training courses qualify for Continuing Education Unit credits.
Each course is equivalent of 0.1 CEU.

Course Outline

  1. Data fields
    • TaskMap Pro data fields
    • User defined fields
    • Field types and labeling 
  2. Data visualization  
    • Predefined data graphics in TaskMap Pro
    • Creating your own data graphics
    • Icons and text call outs
  3. Linking tasks to external data sources
    • TaskMap Capture for Excel
    • Auto linking
    • Auto refresh and remote updating
    • Linking to other data sources
  4. TaskMap reports
    • TaskMap Pro reports
  5. Check my Map
    • QA functions and how to use them
  6. Publishing options
    • Save as PowerPoint
    • Save as Project
    • Save as Excel


• Introduction to TaskMap (TMT101)

Learn the how to use TaskMap Professional

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