TaskMap: Processes Made Easy


  • Simplify processes
  • Publish procedures
  • Post processes to the web
  • Improve knowledge transfer
  • Improve quality, governance and efficiency
  • Increase effective communication between teams


  • Project Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Consultants
  • Executives
  • IT Staff
  • Staff involved in processes
  • Documentation staff

Process Training Programs >> ITIL Best Practice Process Seminar

ITIL ® Processes Made Easy

ITIL Best Practice Process Seminar

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ITIL® Processes Made Easy

One of the challenges for organizations looking to use ITIL® as a best practices framework is they have to figure out the process for themselves. The best practices are embedded in thousands of words in the ITIL® reference documentation. The result, a need to hire consultants, start certification programs for your staff all adding cost and time to your ITIL or IT project. However life can be made easier.

Learn about ITIL Processes FREE SEMINAR

After attending our seminar ITIL Processes Made Easy you will be able to:

  • Ensure all recipients understand your ITIL process map the first time, without training
  • Create all of your ITIL process maps using only 6 symbols
  • See how pre-built Best Practice Maps can help you jump start your project from day One. Even if you don't know anything about ITIL
  • Start the Return On Investment from your project in days not months or years

During this FREE on-line seminar, Harvard Computing Group will fast forward through four major ITIL processes and show you how to can implement them across your organization in weeks not months. Each seminar will show how ITIL Best Practices adopted from Microsoft MOF materials can be modeled in Visio, published to the web and implemented quickly and successfully.

In addition to the benefits associated with attending this session, attendees will also also receive a FREE pdf copy of one of the complete ITIL processes described in the program.


  • Introduction and ITIL background
  • Resources and tools, and methods used to create ITIL Best Practices diagrams
  • Review of Change Management, Service Desk, Incident Management & Resolution and Release Management maps
  • Where to get more information about ITIL and best practices
  • Q and A

If you would like a complimentary private session for your organization (minimum of 8 attendees):

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ITIL Processes Made Easy

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