TaskMap: Processes Made Easy


  • Simplify processes
  • Publish procedures
  • Post processes to the web
  • Improve knowledge transfer
  • Improve quality, governance and efficiency
  • Increase effective communication between teams


  • Project Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Executives
  • IT Staff
  • Staff involved in processes
  • Documentation staff

Process Training Programs >> The Fundamentals of Process Mapping

The Fundamentals of Process Mapping


Learn to create 3 popular types of process maps in one hour...

$49.95 PER ATTENDEE (Check Schedule and register)

The Challenge

One of the challenges for organizations is to explain how processes and procedures should be followed. With too many options and no common vocabulary for documenting and describing work processes, results are confusing, making it hard to capture, document and share work process knowledge. A simple to comprehend process map is a prerequisite to successfully planning and implementing processes.

Learn about Process Mapping $99 (price per attendee)

After attending our seminar The Fundamentals of Process Mapping you will be able to:

  • Create the following popular types of process maps
    • Basic process maps (with PowerPoint and Visio)
    • Swimlanes
    • TaskMaps
  • Ensure all recipients understand the process map the first time, without training
  • Create 98% of your process maps using only a limited number of symbols
  • Improve communications for all your projects and procedures

In this one-hour course you will learn the basics of Simplified Process Mapping and how to create these maps with products such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Visio. During this on-line seminar, Harvard Computing Group will discuss some of the pitfalls and challenges of today's process mapping tools and techniques. They will introduce simple, practical principles that anyone can use to understand and document processes.

The program will walk you through the creation and best practices for 3 popular types of process maps: Basic flowcharts, Swimlanes and TaskMaps.

Both the methods and the software described during this session have been designed for use by experts and non-experts alike. After attending this session, both experienced project managers and novices will be able to explain the pitfalls of traditional process mapping tools and understand the value of Simplified Process Mapping. They will be able to introduce the concept of Simplified Process Mapping so their staff can produce their own process maps.


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Fundamentals of Process Mapping
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