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Process Documentation Services for Creation and Conversion of Process Maps

Converting Existing Process Documentation

One of the biggest barriers to creating new processes, procedures or on-line policies is getting what you have documented into a useful and understandable form. If you have a need to convert existing process maps or documents to the TaskMap format then please contact us for a detailed quotation for your project. (Typical conversion from existing maps runs a little under $100 per process map delivered.)

Before Process Conversion

Existing process maps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And that is part of the problem. Everyone has their own way of interpreting and using process maps. This typical example to the left represents a high level description of what needs to be done, with enough detail to get an idea of what has to occur, but not enough information to actually do the job right. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation and potential mistakes.

CLICK on the BEFORE image to see the details

TaskMaps use a format that EVERYONE can understand and yet they contain more detailed information than most map formats. Roles, resources, guidelines can all be customized according to your project needs. TaskMaps allow everyone to be on the same page, and you have an electronic document that can be shared with everyone in the organization.

CLICK on the AFTER image to see the results

See for yourself - TaskMap can make the difference......

The original high-level description does not provide enough information for anyone to really follow what needs to be done. The resulting TaskMaps are easy to follow and anyone can use and understand them.


After Process Conversion

Creating New Process Documentation

Harvard Computing Group can help you create process documentation, including TaskMaps, for any of your existing or desired processes. For more on this service please contact us for a free consultation.

How it works:

We use a simple, three-stage method to convert existing processes and procedures to TaskMap format.

  1. You provide us with 3-5 sample maps to convert so that we can determine the scope of your needs. We will convert the sample maps at a fixed price of $500.
  2. Once complete we will provide you with a fixed price for either individual process maps, or the entire conversion project, according to your needs.
  3. We then create, review and deliver a set of TaskMaps that meet the needs of your project. (Scroll down for more details).
    Turning your existing maps into usable form can greatly enhance the quality and adoption of your key processes within the organization. Just look at the BEFORE and AFTER examples.

Typical Requirements:

Existing process maps in a variety of non-TaskMap formats need to be updated into the TaskMap form. Once these maps have been converted by Harvard Computing Group, the resulting process maps will be maintained by the client for purposes of:

  1. Distributing an accurate representation of how core processes and procedures are to be executed in the organization;
  2. Linking to underlying systems, information and resources required to complete any of the core processes documented therein;
  3. Providing a platform for process improvement and efficiency gains as a result of analyzing the resulting maps;

Planning for the development of future “to be” models in various areas of the company.


A complete set of TaskMaps in electronic form (Visio 2013 or Visio 2010 format) representing the entire set of processes in the materials you provided to Harvard Computing Group. TaskMaps will include:

  1. Fields for populating linked documents, resources and suggested roles for validation and/or change by your staff
  2. Recommendations or changes will be marked with “tracking comments” for review and/or change by the client
  3. New process maps will reflect the integrity of processes already documented by the client unless otherwise noted

The TaskMap format:

  • The TaskMap process model format is rigorous, demanding a level of capture that establishes an uncommon baseline of standardized, granular information. The TaskMap capture techniques can quickly isolate or identify operational bottlenecks and redundancies that affect overall performance.
  • The graphical capture layer depicts the overall flow of tasks within processes in a format that can be easily adjusted for the appropriate level of presentation detail required by different audiences. Tasks can be decomposed to show greater detail on specific tasks or summarized to highlight context areas for upper management.
  • The TaskMap format also allows specific items on the map to be hyperlinked to documents, web pages, IT systems and other resources, further enhancing the value of the TaskMap.

Please contact us for more information on this web-based service now